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Clogged Drains in your home

Clogged Drains in your home
Clogged Drains in your home

If the water backs up over your ankles during a refreshing morning shower, it’s high time to clear the drain. There are various methods to choose from: For the clogged drains, technology or chemistry help. The same tips and tricks of course also apply to all other drains.

Clogged Sinks

A lot of dirt collects in the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Over time, this can get stuck in the pipes and condense into a plug. The unpleasant consequence: dirty water can no longer run off so easily and builds up in the sink, bathtub, shower, or toilet and causes them to overflow.

Simple remedies for a clogged drain

If only the valve cup is closed, hair and dirt can easily be pulled out with tweezers or small pliers. Leftovers can easily rinse away.

If this is not successful, the blockage is usually in the siphon. You can get over it with old home remedies. The most common are baking soda (alternatively baking powder) and vinegar. Others swear by dishwasher cleaning tabs that are in the crush and throw down the drain. However, coffee grounds are by no means suitable. It is more likely to worse constipation than to help: when the coffee grounds dry, they become solid like concrete and may not be easily removed.

Unscrew and clean the siphon

Unscrewing and cleaning the siphon can be quite unsavory: after all, it serves as an odor trap. But the unpleasant basic cleaning is the most thorough method. Plumber Massachusetts inspect the continuing line. In this way, you can see whether further deposits have built up.

The necessary steps are straightforward:

  • Place a bucket under the sink.
  • Loosen the union nuts by hand. In this case, use the water pump.
  • Tip out the siphon, clean it and reinstall it. If you have to tighten the nuts with pliers, you shouldn’t use too much force in order not to destroy the nuts and siphon.

Clean the drain with the pipe cleaning spiral

The pipe cleaning spiral is actually a flexible shaft with a hand crank. For households, lengths of one and a half to ten meters are common. On the other hand, use a spiral for cleaning siphons because it is too unwieldy. However, it is advantageous when blockages extend into the drainage pipes or a plug is located deep in the line. These spirals are also available with a brush at the tip or for clamping in the drill.

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