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Overflowing toilet: what to do?

Overflowing toilet: what to do?

If there’s one thing you’d want to rely on, it’s that your toilet flushes properly when you need it to. But when you least expect it, the toilet gets clogged, and to make matters worse, it can even overflow.

Watching your toilet water slowly rise to the brim can be a source of panic. But knowing how to handle an overflowing toilet will leave you equipped to handle a tense situation like this in the future. Toilet overflows are likely the result of a blockage or error in the tank float mechanism that regulates water flow. Once you have stopped the immediate overflow, consider the underlying source of the problem so you can avoid future occurrences. We’ve put together this helpful guide on what to do when your toilet overflows. After all, a flooded bathroom can be a major mess.

Overflowing toilet in Massachusetts

Whatever the cause, if a toilet overflows in Massachusetts, the most urgent action to take is to stop the flow of water into the bowl. In many bathrooms, the most common way to stop running water is to lock off the toilet’s main shutoff valve.

You can probably see a water line leading from your bathroom wall to the toilet, as well as a crank valve somewhere along that line. If you don’t see this hardware, it’s possible your toilet valve is hidden behind a wall or floor tiles, in which case you should speak to a London plumber about modifications to provide this access. Short of shutting off the main valve in your home, the toilet valve is the only way to completely stop the flow of water!

Closing the valve when an overflow is imminent will prevent the bowl from filling up and give you plenty of time to clear the jam. But in addition to accessing it, turning the valve can be tricky when it matters most. Since this valve usually stays open, often for years, it can be sticky – and can even rust in the open position.

Be proactive and give your faucet a few back-and-forth movements. If it stubbornly sprays it with a little lubricant until it spins freely. Go ahead, close and reopen the valve each time you clean your bathroom. It only takes a few seconds and will help you close the valve in an emergency plumber.

The alternate plan

If your toilet is actively overflowing and you can’t get the shutoff valve to move, your next stop should be inside the toilet tank. Carefully remove the lid and set it aside. The first part to check is the flapper – usually a hinged rubber disc covering a hole in the bottom of the tank. If the damper is open, open and closes it manually. This should stop the flow of water.

If the damper does not open or if it does not stay closed manually, find the floating ball. It is the component that floats on the surface of the water and prevents the tank from filling up to a certain level. If you manually lift the float ball to the top of the tank, the water will stop.

This can create a precarious situation if no one is home to help you. If lowering the float ball causes water to continue flowing into the bowl, you may need to lift the float ball or hold it in place while you struggle with the shut-off valve with your free hand.

Remove the cause of the overflow

Once the overflow has been prevented, the final step is to remove the clog. If you have a toilet plunger, preferably one with a toilet flange, this should be your tool of choice. If you don’t have one, pick one up today – a clogged toilet in Massachusetts is more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’. And for clogs, you can’t clear, or any other plumbing emergency, the safest option is to contact an experienced plumber in Massachusetts.

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