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Plumbing errors

Plumbing errors

Prevention of plumbing errors when repairing sanitary facilities

Plumbing repair and maintenance work help prevent plumbing errors. Some plumbers who are just starting out tend to ensure that a customer’s expectations are met in the hopes of creating a good first impression. However, after they have proceeded with the work, problems begin to emerge that can blow up the cost of the project. 

To resolve any plumbing failures or malfunctions, experts must work with their customers to identify common problems that arise during the works, particularly to detect potential failures in existing systems and piping. Ask your plumber to perform a thorough inspection before proceeding with the work. Below are some of the most common plumbing mistakes when repairing sanitary fixtures and the best way to prevent them. Solve these problems early on to prevent a promising project from turning into a disaster before it is complete.

Old and deteriorated pipes

The condition of existing drainage systems can have a profound effect on the cost of the project. Since pipes vary in age and are made of different materials, a careful inspection will be required to determine whether the existing plumbing needs to be replaced with a new one or not. Some old pipes will show no visible signs of deterioration but require replacement. Cast iron pipes, for example, corrode from the inside, although they may look fine from the outside. In this case, you will need the experience of a professional plumber to carefully assess the situation. This inspection will help you detect if the thin walls of the pipe have corroded or if there is a buildup of solids inside. 

Sanitary facilities that restrict access or mobility

If the customer wants their tub replaced, you may have difficulty accessing the drainage and water supply lines. Before proceeding with the replacement and installation work, the customer is asked to decide which specific tank they want and then proceed with the measurements. All of this to make sure it fits the bathroom space. Installation may require removing the door frame and door trim to allow the new sanitary fixture to fit inside. 

When replacing old sinks and faucets, problems can occur with corrosive fittings and pipe sizes, a missing vent, or a new sink that doesn’t fit into the existing cabinet. Not doing the job completely can cause problems and damage in the future. Replace damaged parts before they turn into costly problems.

Hidden structural damage

Water damage, especially leaks in shower valves may not be noticeable until a thorough inspection of the situation is performed. We inform the customer about possible additional costs in case of structural repairs. Consider asking the homeowner to choose the materials for the shower walls and floor if the shower needs repair.

Not having designed a plan

Finally, as in any project, the repair of sanitary facilities will not take shape without an organized plan. There are many critical elements to a bathroom update, and plumbing is just one of them. A well-organized plan is essential for the prevention of plumbing errors.

Equally, it is very important and necessary to collaborate with a plumber who has many years of experience in the plumbing sector and has a full range of state-of-the-art equipment that offers them the ability to perform even the most complex plumbing jobs.

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