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Why are my pipes ringing and making noise all the time?

Why are my pipes making noise all the time?

Why are my pipes ringing and making noise all the time?


There is nothing more annoying than hearing noisy water pipes, especially when lying in bed at night. Rather than accepting to live with noisy pipes, find out why your pipes keep making all this terrible noise. There are usually a few reasons plumbing hoses make noise all the time.

When water travels through a pipe and eventually arrives near a tap, it can create a loud noise that sounds like the swing of a hammer. To prevent these water hammers from constantly repeating themselves, air chambers (vertical pipes installed near the taps) are positioned to cushion the rapidly moving water. However, you will need to fill these bladders from time to time if you start feeling water hammer often.

  • Close the main water supply valve.
  • Turn on the tallest faucet in your home and let it drain.
  • Turn on the lowest faucet in your home and allow it to run out (usually, it’s in the basement, outside, or on the first floor of your home).
  • Once all the water has been drained and the air is now inside the pipes, turn off the lower faucet. Also, turn on the main valve and allow the water to flow through the remaining open faucet. Now you can turn off the top tap in the house.

High water pressure

Too high water pressure can contribute to loud banging noises inside the pipes. To regulate the water pressure inside your home, adjust the regulator connected to the water supply line where it enters your home. For those without a regulator or pressure-reducing valve, consider having one installed by a professional plumber. Reducing water pressure that is already too high can lower your monthly water bills and also save wear and tear on appliances and appliances supplied with water.

Loose Mounts

Inspect all visible plumbing pipes in your home and make sure they are all securely fastened. A pipe that is loose within its mounting straps can vibrate and bang against the wall. Making sure all straps are installed and fastened properly will significantly reduce any noise caused by water hammers and high water pressure.

If plumbing hoses shake, rattle and roll, don’t try to ignore the noise – take it as a warning sign that needs to be fixed ASAP. When your home needs repairs or replacements of professional plumbing systems, contact Emergency Plumber Massachusetts. To find out more or to make an appointment, call us or schedule services at Emergency Plumber Massachusetts

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